Providing world-class short and long term Technical Services to Commercial, DoD, and Aerospace customers world-wide.

Technical Services Division provides support to customers in all industries with skilled and experienced personnel in Engineering, Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, and Professional Services. These employees work on complex and highly technical platforms, such as, the CST Starliner 100, Mobile Launcher 2, Shell Oil Technologies, United Launch Alliance Products (Atlas/Centaur V), and DoD platforms, such as, F-35 Raptor and Boeing Apache Helicopter.

Cimarron Technical Services employees were selected to provide Instrumentation expertise to ULA for their Test Articles and Flight tanks. These employees worked alongside ULA and NASA engineers during the testing phase where they acquired and set up and monitored specialized equipment for Shock and Acoustic testing. The results from these tests provided our ULA and NASA customer specialized data to be used in the integration and assembly of these complex vehicles used to take man and payloads earths low orbit.   more
Our personnel support innovation in the energy sector that includes laboratory reactor cart development and integration into large scale fuel processing. This new technology enhances safety, extends cycle lengths, increased throughput, eliminates unexpected pressure drops and creates an improved return on investment in reactors and catalyst systems. Cimarrons employees are skilled in various technologies and innovations which are hard to find in the oil and gas industry. Technical Services is working with large corporations such as Boeing and Bechtel to provide short- and long-term contract labor across the United States supporting our customers and providing long term business opportunities through improved relationships and proving that Cimarron employees are some of the best in industry.   more
Commercial Crew Program designed to shuttle Astronauts and cargo back and forth to the International Space Station was put under Technical Services in a recent reorganization to enhance customer satisfaction and provide leadership closer to the customer. Our highly skilled employees have been on the ground floor with the exciting program since its inception and Cimarron continues to provide highly technical engineering and manufacturing support as this important program to NASA moves towards sus...tainment. Cimarron employees have been some of the most innovative and highly recognized at Kennedy Space Center and have made up a large portion of the workforce in the engineering and shop floor work areas.   more