Focusing on strategic, space-based mission areas including Communications; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; Satellite Ground Systems; and Assured Access to Space.

Cimarron provides exquisite and niche engineering and software solutions to clients ranging from traditional large defense contractors to small, family-owned flight hardware manufacturers. We excel at providing highly specialized, scarce skills such as FPGA/ASIC design engineering and embedded real-time Ada and Linux kernel programming.

Cimarron approaches each new challenge as an opportunity to develop trusted and long-lasting partnerships, meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients over the duration of the product lifecycle. We track the program maturity and adapt our support efforts to meet the emerging needs of the programs. We also monitor the surrounding mission and technology trends, adapting and incorporating emerging practices and tools to provide ever-evolving and improving engineering and software capability. ...  more
Our engineers support some today's most challenging and innovative systems, including developing flight software for returning US astronauts to the moon and developing embedded software for DARPA-sponsored proliferated satellite constellation demonstrations. We develop planning guidance for the persistent overhead ISR architecture and oversee the implementation of critical national security satellite-based capabilities. We are at the forefront of technology and business practices, supplying ...INCOSE-certified Systems Engineers, certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) practitioners, and software engineers skilled in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipelines.   more
We deliver secure and resilient on-premise and cloud-based IT environments ranging from mission control centers for NASA to budgeting systems for the Department of Defense. Additionally, we execute the DoD Risk Management Framework oversight for a critical Defense budgeting and programming system. ...  more