Delivering cost effective, agile and high performing engineering and technical services to US Air Force, US Army and Missile Defense Agency customers.

The Missile and Weapon Systems Division proudly deliver's Cimarron's high performing engineering and technical services to a variety of weapon systems key to U.S. national security. Our largest area of operations is within the Missile Defense System. We provide senior engineering support (software, electrical, systems, flight test and project engineering) across multiple programs. Cimarron is also supporting research and development efforts on technologies that enhance our existing Missile Defense System to ensure effectiveness against emerging and future threats. Cimarron delivers capabilities in support to the Ground Leg of the US Nuclear Triad, supporting the design of the Launch Infrastructure, which includes (but not limited to) the Launch Facilities, Launch Centers, test infrastructure and additional facilities across the ICBM complex. Cimarron is also supporting the qualification of modernized elements for the nuclear Reentry Vehicle (RV). In Oklahoma City, OK, Cimarron supports sustainment of several military and commercial aircraft to include the Air Force's oldest bomber, the B-52H, the E-7A Wedgetail and foreign presidential/executive aircraft. We provide project management and system engineering support on the B-52 modernization programs, Commercial Engine Replacement Program (CERP) and the Radar Modernization Program (RMP).

Cimarron continuously explores opportunities to improve performance on current programs, deliver innovative solutions to customer needs, and monitor emerging technologies and threats to better understand near, mid and long term requirements. An area well aligned with Cimarron's core competencies that we've explored and embraced is Digital Engineering (DE) and Models Based System Engineering (MBSE). The US Air Force Sentinel program has been recognized by the Department of Defense as a pr...ogram leading the transformation for all acquisition programs to implement and realize the benefits of DE and MBSE. While successful implementation of DE and MBSE requires additional cost in the design phase, that investment reduces the risk of costly redesign efforts during test, qualification and manufacturing phases and provides the end customer (military) the technical baseline to more quickly and cost effectively manage future upgrades to the weapon system. On Sentinel, DE and MBSE are integrated into the entirety of the design effort. Cimarron is proud to be implementing and realizing a piece of this effort through our 2D/3D modeling with deployment and implementation in the Air Force's selected Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and continuous engagement with partners to enable the Air Force to realize the long-term benefits of successful DE and MBSE.  more
In today's constantly changing and evolving world, Cimarron recognizes and embraces the necessity to constantly innovate – in our processes, in facilities, with labor, and on our programs. With decades of experience in Defense and Aerospace, it's inevitable in design or sustainment, that a portion of every day is expended solving problems. Our company embraces this and is committed to delivering innovative solutions. There are times where our customers may struggle with staffing in labor markets and are simply unable to move fast enough to present an offer for a qualified and interested candidate. We resolve that and complete hiring actions in less than a week, if required. Another example on Sentinel is the requirement to implement and utilize Teamcenter as the PLM. While our customer isn't familiar with Teamcenter, Cimarron has extensive experience with deploying, customizing, and operating Windchill and Teamcenter PLMs. We deliver innovative solutions that align to the needs of the customer.   more
The emergence of hypersonic weapons has created arguably one of the greatest threats the US homeland currently faces and is challenging the capabilities and effectiveness of our current Missile Defense System. The Missile Defense Agency not only ensures the current system is on alert and available 365, 24/7, but, they oversee required upgrades to counter hypersonic and other emerging threats. Cimarron recognizes the importance of an effective and capable Missile Defense System and proudly engineering support across multiple elements. Cimarron's team of engineers provides unparalleled support of sustainment activities including flight tests and sustainment engineering on Ground/Launch Support Equipment. As systems are upgraded, we design, qualify and implement required changes to the baseline system to accommodate modifications to the Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV), Ground Based Interceptor (GBI) and launch/ground support equipment.   more