Delivering the skills and expertise necessary to develop and operate future exploration and science missions.

The Commercial Space Division works closely with our commercial partners to design, build, test and operate the next generation of commercial space programs that will support scientific missions in lower earth orbit and human space exploration in LEO, Cislunar, Lunar and beyond.

Leveraging over 30 years of experience in support of NASA's human spaceflight programs Cimarron is bringing these skills to both our established customers as well as the next generation of space companies. This includes help designing systems to the rigors of the launch and space environments, establishing test programs that measure system performance and identify gaps, engineering the software required to operate and guide these systems, supporting mission design and operations, training cr...ews and operators and working with the user communities to access and realize the benefits of science in space.   more
As we move beyond the traditional government run space programs and move into the era of joint responsibility meeting mission needs for both government and commercial programs, Cimarron is working with multiple customers to field these systems of systems and make these capabilities available to drive future exploration missions and to continue the tradition of using space as a laboratory to further science that will benefit those back on earth. The systems we are supporting and working to suppor...t include the next generation of orbiting science platforms, transportation systems, lunar surface systems and the ground systems required to make them a reality.   more
Cimarron has been supporting NASA and our space programs for over 30 years. This has included design, development and test of both ground and space flight hardware and software systems. This has included everything from requirements development, detailed design, test and operations. We provide a complete lifecycle solution. In support of the Artemis I mission we are members of both the SLS and Orion teams. As a long-term member of the Lockheed Martin Orion team we provide key support in the deve...lopment of software and testing. Moving forward we are already working with our customer to meet the new challenges that will be presented on Artemis II. We are also working closely with commercial providers who are providing space services targeted to provide future destinations in space and on the lunar surface. This includes everything from the next generation of space stations to the landers and vehicles that will be required as we head back to the moon.   more