Developing usable software solutions tied to business needs.

Since inception in 1981, Cimarron has been providing software engineering solutions to many different marketplaces, particularly human space flight. Cimarron's software engineering experience for our customers ranges from complete system development to COTS customizations.  Our proven methods in a traditional software development methods, as well as cutting edge techniques set Cimarron's team apart. Cimarron has completed a Level 3 Appraisal for Carnegie Mellon's Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is appraised at CMMI Level 3 as of April of 2010.

Our involvement in the next generation of human-rated space exploration vehicles not only contributes the United States Space Program's Exploration initiative, but our teams within software avionics, mission control systems and business systems enable NASA to continue to traverse further from our planet in the name of exploration and science. Leveraging the cloud to design analytics and processing solutions for GeoSpatial information.The Cimarron team is working with customers to deliver and applications for real-time situational awareness.This helps customers make better use of data delivered, and shortens cycle between providing insight and taking action.  more
Cimarron’s DevOps approaches integrate the principles of Lean, Six Sigma, and agile development to provide a highly efficient support system for application-level operations and maintenance.   The DevOps approach builds on the agile software development process by encouraging communication, collaboration, and integration,for operational support across a tightly integrated team supporting both development and operations.  Its lean roots accelerate the development and dep...loyment cycles without compromising on quality, safety or reliability of the software product. DevOps enables developers to get a better understanding of the operational environment and the administrators to more effectively manage applications. By shifting focus to continuous communication with the stakeholder community, Cimarron teams have demonstrated how agility and six sigma tools can be used to delivery cost-effective, capable, products and services for their customers.    more
Cimarron has a long list a success stories through our software engineering abilities. One of the most notable efforts include our work supporting Human Space Flight and the International Space Station (ISS). Cimarron works within multiple areas and contractors, providing levels of support to the ISS and Mission Operations. Our engineers work on a daily basis delivering critical in-flight embedded real-time software, flight hardware simulation, hardware & software integration and software/av...ionics testing for the ISS and the NASA Mission Control Center (MCC). NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) provides a critical heavy-lift capability, powering people and cargo beyond our moon and into deep space. SLS launches larger payloads farther in our solar system, faster than ever before possible. It will be the most powerful rocket ever built, enabling diverse exploration, science and security missions. Boeing is the prime contractor for the design, development, test and production of the launch vehicle cryogenics states (Core and Upper Stage), as well as development of the avionics suite. SLS’s first flight is scheduled for 2017. Our team provides technical and user support to Boeing’s Advanced Product Data Management (APDM) environment. APDM is used to store engineering data (In Work, Released and delivered). The team has enhanced the customer’s COTS solution in order to provide an environment the programs need for configuration managed Engineering Release Units, automated parts list and workflow cycle time metrics which all support the generation of engineering bill of material (EBOM) data. This group has also successfully implemented downstream interfaces which transfer released engineering data from APDM to common manufacturing and accounting status systems where data is consumed to produce the necessary elements required for building manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM).  more