Supporting manned spaceflight operations for over 35 years.

Cimarron has been providing real time systems solutions since 1981. Cimarron began working with NASA in 1988 providing real-time development solutions for the Mission Control Center (MCC). Cimarron provided MCC system design, development, implementation, test and verification under the Mission Systems Contract and continues to support the maintenance, operations, and sustaining engineering for current mission critical operations.

The Cimarron Energy Lab was built to demonstrate capabilities that merge the situational awareness of Real-Time Command & Control systems with Engineering Data for an immediate impact on analysis and troubleshooting capabilities available to a mission team.

Our involvement in the next generation of human-rated space exploration vehicles not only contributes the United States Space Program's Exploration initiative, but our teams within software avionics, mission control systems and business systems enable NASA to continue to traverse further from our planet in the name of exploration and science.  Working closely with NASA and other suppliers, our staff has played key roles in the integration of COTS solutions to replace custom managed code... solutions of the past.  Our focus has been how to do it better, cheaper, faster and safer.    more
Cimarron seeks to innovate the next generation of technologies used within the energy industry.  This is demonstrated by our work with National Oilwell Varco and the University of Texas to build a real-time drilling control center simulator positions students to be exposed to game-changing technologies.  Cimarron has experience in several different verticals in support of situational awareness technologies and how they can be integrated with other data management systems. ...  more
Cimarron was a partner with Orbital ATK and Boeing in the development of the Orbital Communications Gateway Ground Segment to support commercial cargo resupply vehicle command and control capabilities.  The Gateway was designed to provide command and telemetry support to the Orbital Mission Control Center, while integrating feeds from NASA's Mission Control.  The system was built to support multiple data streams required for mission success and integration between commercial spacef...light operations and the NASA/ISS customers.  The Orbital Ground Operations Gateway provides the Orbital Mission Operations Control Center access to ISS, TDRS, Voice, Video, and File Transfer capabilities, while providing Real-time health, status and control of the Orbital ATK/Boeing vehicles to the International Space Station.  more