Designing, developing, and manufacturing a wide range of custom high technology products for the scientific research, Aerospace, DoD, and industrial markets.

Over the years, Cimarron and our subsidiaries have continually sought to diversify and develop new and innovative products, winning many design, manufacturing, and quality achievement awards. Our designs and resulting products are used world-wide in industries as diverse as medical, bio-physical, semiconductor research, chemical dispensing, space science research, to cutting and marking in industrial applications. As well as offering precision designed products, our in-house staff of scientists and engineers are also available to provide advice and consultation to comprehensively bring solutions to our customers.

Cimarron Engineers are leveraging the most current design methodologies to support large scale modernization programs across a wide variety of customers. Our engineers are also designing solutions in support of our Nation’s space programs that will enable further human exploration and a return to the lunar surface. We are designing products that will support a new era of lower earth orbit commercial space operations. With decades of design engineering experience, Cimarron is applying exper...ience with modern methodologies to effectively support our customers.  more
Our team of experts are experienced in providing engineering design support to multiple programs within Aerospace and Defense. Our engineers are working as part of a complete solution team for our customers designing products within a collaborative environment that supports model-based enterprise (MBE). The methodologies and data used in our design will drive downstream manufacturing, assembly, integration, test and completion while supporting the overall collaborative network with useful metada...ta to automate and streamline processes in a collaborative manner.  Cimarron has a dept and breadth of knowledge in this area from years of implementing global collaborative engineering and manufacturing solutions.    more
Cimarron and our subsidiaries are delivering complete solutions and complex products for our diverse customer base. Our engineers can design, manufacture, assemble, integrate, test and deliver products, all from our facilities. This capability enables Cimarron to support multiple programs from highly specialized design and prototype solutions to providing complex engineering design as part of a larger collaborative team....  more