Enabling real-world engineering & manufacturing solutions.

Cimarron has been doing business with the government since 1988. As a result, we have built a corporate infrastructure to effectively provide engineering services to government and commercial clients. Our team of experts specialize in supporting engineering teams with experience in manufacturing, process automation, manufacturing planning, engineering design and all aspects of the systems engineering lifecycle. We realize that for any client, adaptability to the customer’s need is our greatest asset and offering. The customers come to us when they want it done fast and right for them. Innovation and outside of the box thinking comes into play where you want the job done on-time and at budget.

Working with Siemens, Cimarron has begun to develop real-time solutions for energy and manufacturing facilities. By using 3-D models and other product data combined with Geographical Information Systems (GIS), the team is able to produce 3D representations of facilities, buildings, plants or objects. When introducing configurations to support Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) information, real-time awareness can be achieved from the field remotely and the delivery of analysis data..., fault information or operational monitoring can be realized globally. Our team currently supports the configuration of U.S. based document control to support all products in electronic format to replace paper based Product and Service Manuals, linking those electronic files with Servigistics. This will help Caterpillar and their Dealers ensure services systemically planned, delivered and analyzed to continually improve performance and maximize customer value.  It will make full use of service intelligence — including knowledge about how products and service are intended to perform, up-to-date product configurations and service information history — to enable smarter decisions at the point of service and continuous improvement across the product’s entire lifecycle for Caterpillar.     more
Cimarron is working with customers in the development a new product to integrate engineering data specifications with active parts lists and associated documentation with asset tracking and management. NGS is a service delivery system that provides our customer's service centers the ability to download manuals, view CAD versions of product assemblies and order parts. The team uses a continuous integration system as a frame work to deliver a Software Deployment Manager (SDM) tool. This tool m...anages a system of nodes across which the software is deployed. Depending on the nodes intended use, the software is configured to be either a publisher of data or a viewer of data. In a mission critical environment, where there can be no down time, the management of patch updates is handled by a suite of the SDM tools. Cimarron team enables seamless Blue/Green switch, responsible for reconfiguring the resources (production or staging) that the SDM sides operate against.  more
NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) provides a critical heavy-lift capability, powering people and cargo beyond our moon and into deep space. SLS launches larger payloads farther in our solar system, faster than ever before possible. It will be the most powerful rocket ever built, enabling diverse exploration, science and security missions. Boeing is the prime contractor for the design, development, test and production of the launch vehicle cryogenics states (Core and Upper Stage), as well as... development of the avionics suite. SLS’s first flight is scheduled for 2017. Cimarron’s CAD design experts not only provide end-user support for 3-D and Parametric modelling for Exploration Upper Stage (EUS). Working with a small team of engineers they utilize rapid product development to produce flexible design concepts which have been recognized by lead engineers through Pride in Boeing awards. Our design focuses on the Thrust Structure (attaches engines to EUS) and the Equipment Shelf (holds all avionics equipment, pyrotechnic and vehicle abort components) which controls EUS when it detaches from the Core Stage.  more