Designing the next generation of commercial space transportation.

Cimarron engineers work across a wide breadth of areas from spacecraft development to facilities and data systems. Some of those areas include: Human-rated Systems Integration for landing and recovery, and System Design Analysis; Soft Goods Systems Engineering and Test, Vehicle and Subsystem Test and Verification, and facility operations engineering. Cimarron fully understands the lifecycle of programs / projects and had as a disciplined approach of execution as represented in the systems engineering process.

Additionally, we have adapted our practices to all major engineering disciplines. We specialize in identifying and qualifying technologies that provide substantial improvements to engineering designs, processes, and the reduction of life cycle costs associated with sustainment systems. We provide a complete spectrum of System Design, Development, and Lifecycle Support for both software and hardware systems.

Our involvement in the next generation of human-rated space exploration vehicles not only contributes the United States Space Program's Exploration initiative, but our teams have sought to provide better organization and efficiencies by examining engineering process and data to establish a functional information architecture still being used today within the Exploration Development and Integration Office at the Johnson Space Center. Cimarron supplies key systems engineering expertise in t...ransforming NASA’s Mission Control Center to support the next generation of launch vehicles to explore space, as well as visiting commercial supply and manned spacecraft visiting the International Space Station.  more
Cimarron strives to exceed customer requirements, wherever possible.  Our team actively sought out and executed process improvements within the International Space Station (ISS) Mission Operations organization at NASA.  Working within Power Resource Officer (PRO) group, our experts implemented and tested several power analysis tools for utilization within the ISS Mission Control Center.  This included the development of a real-time cascading failure risk assessment tool which aids... NASA Operations in identifying and mitigating single failures which could take out 3 or more power channels on orbit.  The team has also developed a tool which ensures syntax errors in the Solar Array Plan (SAP) do not impact communication predicts, as well as tools to assist in the comparison of real world power usage with predicted usage, reducing the PRO workload by reducing the time needed for manual data manipulations and assists in refining predictive analysis. Cimarron is invested in leveraging the cloud to design analytics and processing solutions for GeoSpatial information.  The Cimarron team is working with customers to deliver data and applications for real-time situational awareness.  This helps customers make better use of data delivered, and shortens cycles between providing insights and taking action.  more
The Boeing Commercial Crew Transport Vehicle (CCTS) Program looks to Cimarron expertise in key areas of Systems Engineering, including Design, Mass Properties, Test & Verification and Data Management.  Our engineers and specialists are continuing to yield positive results at key milestones for Boeing. Our engineers also worked within JSC's Mission Control Center to achieve integration from Flight to Ground Systems.  Their work for CST-100 offers systems engineering... expertise across the traditional "V", from design to disposal. Systems Engineering also expands into architecture for data systems as well.  Cimarron staff has been instrumental in the development and sustaining engineering of numerous business critical infrastructures across both Federal and Commercial partners.  more