Partnering with customers to manage change.

A key success element of any solution is the training, adoption and support of the user base. Cimarron has proven training methodologies and resources with diverse experience. With the expertise to define, structure and create a detailed training curriculum, Cimarron has developed computer based training (CBT) modules and conducted instructor lead training worldwide in multiple languages. In addition to training, Cimarron has structured and staffed Help Desks to support Global deployment of solutions, ensuring that users are properly empowered.

Cimarron’s goal in Solution Delivery is to optimize an organization’s Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy, based on the overall business impact of what solution is being deployed. The Solution Delivery group delivers suggested, or specifically architected training curriculums that deliver best results based on our best practices for adoption. Cimarron has developed this approach over time while working with education and learning experts. Also critical to Solution Deliver...y is End-User support after deployment of solutions. Cimarron uses ITIL standards across all of its service management engagements. ITIL and SAFe standards are tailored to each customer’s needs during planning, and are proven across multiple Cimarron customers to greatly increase adoption and positive end-user experiences.  more
Cimarron delivers custom Computer-based training (CBT) modules developed to increase adoption for end users. Typically, the modules are created specifically based on roles of the users within specific areas, or Role-based Modules (RBMs) as opposed to re-hashing of general tool capabilities. Cimarron believes that delivery of a comprehensive training that includes both vendor provided and custom RBMs will re-define adoption success metrics. Cimarron has experience in provided custom CBT in multip...le languages as well. In our eyes, training and efficient, effective end-user support go hand-in-hand.  The Cimarron team has provided that to the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Enterprise IT support in Asset Management and End-User support services, lowering the cost footprint of these services through innovative processes and technology.  more
One Maintenance is one group united with common goals, supportive of our mission, supportive of our customers, and supportive of each other. We provide multi-discipline, multi-facility maintenance and field engineering services with the ability to work successfully within a variety of teams and situations.  We are able to respond to real time situations, hardware installations, and testing needs with a pool of well trained, multi-talented individuals acting as a team.  One Maintenance ...provides opportunity and growth through cross training, efficiencies through common processes, and is the foundation for a common culture.   more