Jeannie Crowell
Chief Executive Officer

Jeannie Crowell is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Cimarron. Headquartered in Houston, Cimarron began business as Cimarron Software Services, Inc. in 1981. Today, with operations in Texas, Alabama, and Colorado, Cimarron specializes in real-time ground command and control center design and implementation, with expertise in Systems Engineering, Software Development and Integration, Software Testing and Information Technology Management Services. Cimarron has been a major contributor for the Hardware and Software Design and Implementation of NASA's Mission Control Center at the Johnson Space Center. The company has also been instrumental in providing support to the International Space Station Software and Avionics. In addition. Cimarron specializes in management and technical transformation services, and has successfully implemented solutions improving information management for thousands of resources globally.

As the former co-founder and CEO of DKI Consulting, which merged with Cimarron in 2012, Ms. Crowell will continue to navigate Cimarron with its expanded capabilities and services to both Government agencies and private-sector organizations. She is committed to working closely with the management of Cimarron utilizing her marketing background and organizational leadership to successfully guide the company's continued growth and success for many years to come. Ms. Crowell holds a Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies (BMS) from the University of Texas.

Darren Crowell

Darren Crowell is the President of Cimarron. Mr. Crowell has been influential in the formulation of a strong technical and management team. He has responsibility for daily management and business growth of the company.

Prior to Cimarron, Mr. Crowell was the co-founder and President of DKI Consulting that merged with Cimarron in 2012. At DKI, Mr. Crowell successfully grew and navigated the company into a premier enterprise consulting organization. Prior to DKI, he managed and supported engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management groups for multiple international energy companies. During this time, he focused on innovation through emerging technologies. Many of those years were spent restructuring existing environments to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization through the optimization of existing capabilities with innovative solutions. This background led Mr. Crowell in creating DKI and, consequently, to the strategic partnerships and staffing of multiple highly skilled personnel.

Walter Medsger
Chief Financial Officer

As Cimarron's Chief Financial Officer, Walter Medsger is responsible for providing strategic business guidance to the executive management of the company, including advising the shareholders. In this role he is also the executive manager charged with the operation of the Accounting, Business Management, and Shared Services Departments. Collectively, these departments perform the financial administration functions necessary to support the operation of the company. Mr. Medsger also acts as Cimarron's corporate counsel and advises management on Federal contracting, and labor regulation issues as well as policy risk avoidance.

During his tenure with Cimarron, Mr. Medsger has managed the implementation of the company's integrated business system. This system integrates the time collection, accounting, billing, payroll, project control, purchasing, fixed assets, sales, and human resources functions and provides for a customizable reporting tool, which allows timely and accurate access to business information. He continues to oversee all upgrades and enhancements to this system.

Since joining the company in 1991, Mr. Medsger has held several positions, performing numerous business functions. He was originally hired to perform contract administration functions but quickly took on additional roles, which led to a management position. His knowledge in preparing cost proposals, negotiating contract awards and contract modifications, accounting, financial reporting, federal procurement, and labor law has enabled him to build Cimarron's administrative infrastructure to position the company for continuing growth.

Mr. Medsger has over 25 years' experience in financial control and administrative management within the Government Contracting industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston. 

Kurt Restemyer
Vice President, Aerospace
As Vice President of Cimarron’s Aerospace Division, Kurt Restemyer is responsible for managing Cimarron’s NASA portfolio and leading the direction of Cimarron’s NASA programs. Mr. Restemyer brings a wealth of experience to this role. Formerly, as a Cimarron Senior Program Manager, Mr. Restemyer supported NASA's Facilities Development and Operations Contract (FDOC) and the Integrated Mission Operations Contract (IMOC II) and is currently acting Program Manager for the Space Communications and Network Services (SCNS) contract. He also has 25 years of hands-on experience responding effectively to customer needs, developing leaders, managing change, and developing strategic plans. Before joining Cimarron, Mr. Restemyer spent 10 years with United Space Alliance where he was responsible for the overall facility management of a suite of NASA Shuttle Mission Simulators (SMS), the Space Station Training Facility (SSTF), and a host of smaller space flight trainers. During the course of his career, he has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in fast-paced environments and challenging situations. He has been recognized for his ability to lead and enable changes to reduce costs, enhance quality, and improve customer satisfaction while uniting employee groups and increasing employee morale. Mr. Restemyer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Houston.
Brad Cothran
Vice President, Defense
Brad Cothran is Vice President of Defense and a key member of the Cimarron executive team. Mr. Cothran’s role is to provide our customers critical engineering expertise and solutions in support of our national defense and space launch programs. Prior to joining the Cimarron team, Brad was the Director of Space Vehicle Engineering for the Boeing Company leading a team of over 600 engineers. Mr. Cothran has over 29 years’ experience in the Aerospace business and has been involved in some of the most complex space flight hardware design, manufacturing, assembly and test programs including key leadership roles on the International Space Station program. Mr. Cothran has over 12 years of executive experience with fortune 500 companies and proven program management and financial acumen skills. In addition, Mr. Cothran is a proven inspirational leader with the ability to attract highly qualified candidates, set high expectations and help mentor and grow a diverse workforce.
Harry Miller
Vice President, Commercial Services

Harry Miller is Cimarron's Vice President of Commercial Services. He brings to Cimarron more than 25 years of executive management and technology leadership experience from Fortune 500 companies such as, Westinghouse, Emerson, Cameron, and Caterpillar. As Managing Director for each of these companies, Mr. Miller provided leadership and vision for new technology including early implementation of automated engineering and manufacturing processes. He led the design and implementation of a global web based enterprise data management configuration, implemented PDM systems for web based engineering documentation systems for facilities worldwide, and led Global Technology teams within Europe and Japan establishing PDM design and manufacturing standards for design collaboration. He also led the first ISO 9001 certification of a major Engineering and Manufacturing Company in Houston. Mr. Miller was an early implementer of enterprise solutions to consolidate information of corporate teams and improve collaboration in sales, purchasing, engineering and manufacturing departments.

Prior to these positions, Mr. Miller founded an Engineering Office in Houston providing engineers, designers and it solution architects and developers to major E&C companies in Houston along with internal engineering and design services for oil and gas customers that included NASA. This background has led to an understanding how to support industry with highly skilled personnel to insure client success in technology implementations both in US and Overseas.

Stephanie Baillio
Director, Human Resources
Stephanie Baillio is Cimarron’s Director of Human Resources. Mrs. Baillio is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Human Resource Management within the organization. Partnering with Cimarron’s initiatives of innovation and growth, Mrs. Baillio manages a proactive, aggressive, and effective recruitment and retention program. This includes the creation and implementation of programs that facilitate a positive work environment encouraging employee development, continuous improvement, and employee and customer satisfaction. Mrs. Baillio joined the Cimarron team in 1999, bringing with her Human Resources experience from the Chemical and Consulting industries. Mrs. Baillio has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Houston, a Master of Arts in Human Resource Management from the University of Houston-Clear Lake, is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR), and SHRM-CP, and is an Adjunct Instructor at San Jacinto Community College teaching SHRM HR certification classes. Mrs. Baillio has been recognized by peers and customers, including the NASA JSC Center Director, for leading successful teams and excels in change management, employee relations, strategy, employment law, and ensuring customer and employee satisfaction.